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College Essay: Plenty of Services

Custom Services

It is often a problem for average college students to write a paper, even despite they get such tasks very often, not everyone has a talent of writer, so the majority uses custom essay writing services to deal with it. Plenty of services of our company writing offers prove that we are the best. Any client's suggestion or claim is taken into consideration with an eye to improve and develop essay writing process. Still many school and college students do not understand which are the major benefits and proffers of buying ready-made paper. These issues are explained below.

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Main Services

Our custom essay writing company is concentrated on main services in this field. However, special needs suggested by client can be realized with the correctness and accuracy. Writing from scratch, rewriting, editing and proofreading are things which we try out to do our best. They differ in their core. The price, needed time and author's efforts to write it, all these vary. It is significant to be aware about such distinctions for customer as he or she pays money and should be able to estimate the writing.

"Paying for essays offers so many great opportunities, everything from unique essays to proofreading. If I need to write my paper I ask them", Mack Snyder, Kansas City, KA, USA

Writing from Scratch

Cheap Essay

This type of writing means that essay is created fully by our writer. He uses own original ideas for it and follow all rules and demands of client. As all our authors are professional specialist in this sphere there is no need to worry if the paper will be written correctly in both grammatical and intentional senses. It saves student's time from writing and lets him or her be free from stress and tiredness because of studying. This service is really beneficial and cheap withal. In addition, you can be sure that the essay is unique as our company has anti-plagiarism policy and cares about the quality of products.


This one contains the content changing and making it a new unique paper. The originality can be increased up to 70%. Our authors diligently and earnestly write this type of paper in the fastest way. It is cheaper than ordering writing from scratch, however that one is common practice for dealing with college essay.

Rewriting does not mean that the paper will be copied. In the finished version is an original essay and plagiarism cannot be detected in any program, so there is no need to worry about the grade you will get for it. However, we do not know whether you have plagiarized abstracts in your particular draft, and that is why this service does not fall into our plagiarism free guarantee.

"I can write my essays but I used to miss simple mistakes and marks at school were bad. After I entered college my groupmate advised me this service. Now all my original essays are free from inaccuracies and professors commend me" Martha Gordon, Ladue, MI, USA


Of course, many school or college students find editing something unnecessary and claim that it is just time wasting. They do not understand why people are ready to pay for that. The answer is simple: there can be no successful school essay writing without well-done editing. While doing this job our writers may change up to 30% of your paper. That means improving and theme developing with correcting all literary and grammatical mistakes. When one pays for essay editing, they will save several hours for more vital things. Moreover, it is a quite cheap writing service which our company offers.


Grammar mistakes and inaccuracies often become the reason of bad marks for both school and college students. Sure, many of them think that essay writing is easy task and reviewing it takes several minutes. Yes, it may be quick procedure but the quality suffers. Students as a rule have not enough skills and grammar awareness to detect all mistakes. Even for professional writer it is quite hard to check own paper. This service is cheap and ready-to-order in our custom essay writing company.

A Number of Paper Types and Subjects

College Essay can deal with lots of paper types, subjects and themes of school essay. You do not have to worry if the task is to write custom essay about engineering or medicine as our writers are aware in different fields of knowledge. Very often students are perplexed by the need to write an essay based on scientific facts or researches. Our service is able to support them. Below there are several examples of writing tasks which our specialists can write. Where is a doubt that they will help you with writing your essays as well?

The Task Solution We Offer
Write a Research Writer uses a specific approach to each situation and theme. Thanks to his or her professionalism and knowledge any research can be made in shortest terms.
Writing a Unique Story Author uses his or her own or client's ideas and create own plot for original story. They may write about imaginative or real events.
Writing Biography or Memoirs According to information which client offers, our writer may create a biography or memoirs in various length and style.
Writing Dissertation It economizes time greatly if one buys a dissertation made by one of our writers. This type of paper is made with special care and attention from the author.

"I needed to write a non-plagiarized essay for my college and decided to use that service. Actually, I didn't expect that hired writers from can do such professionalism and I will ask them to write my paper again!" Abraham Hanson, San Luis, AR, USA

Write Technical Paper

Our authors are able to write papers about technical subjects, as Math, Physics, Engineering and so on. They can use specific terminology and statements to make it confident and clear. Any customers' suggestions are taken into consideration and followed during whole process of writing. Ordering such type of essay exempts a great amount of time for significant things, as one does not have to search specific information sources, read technical literature, write papers and other boring things. In addition, student will definitely get a great mark at school or college as the writing quality is at the highest level.

Write Scientific Research

Online Essays

Such task always becomes a big problem for students; it demands skills, knowledge and time more than any other type of college papers as unique research should be done. Do not worry, better use the experience and attainments of our writers and relax from studying a bit. They are able to operate with scientific terminology, facts and describe researches with accuracy and confidence. In that case, young one becomes free from wasting time in archives and libraries as work is done by professionals.

"I will advise this service to all my mates! I don't write my papers anymore", Claire Sanchez, Seaford, DE, USA

Write Literary Critics

It is an average task to compose a school paper about recently read novel. Sometimes reading takes too much time and can be complicated for understanding that makes writing the analysis of it too difficult for young one. Most students choose to save time and order a paper at our custom essay writing service. Our writers know how to arrange such works and the result is worthy every paid cent. Students can be sure that the marks for their essays will be excellent.

Write Reviews and Analyses

Specialist in our online essays service may create analyses papers and reviews for movies, books, events and so on. That is a common type of homework at high school, which confound many students. Fortunately, they can use our offers and buy a ready-made paper for cheap cost. Author will follow all rules of writing such type of paper and, surely, perform customer's wills.

Time and Money

Essay Writing

Many students want to try such services but overvalued prices which we see on other companies' websites, stop them. is a pleasant exception. We establish fair cost for custom essays; everything depends on quickness, difficulty level and some specific suggestions made by client. Everything is comfortable and flexible to a limit for customers' needs. Remember that you pay not only for excellent marks for homework but for free time saving and possibility to relax from studying.

Choose the Quickness

Client can establish all terms for writing by himself or herself; it may be 4 hours or 2 weeks. This is main factor that influences the price. Thanks to our service, students will not suffer from bad grades in case they did not have enough time for finishing homework. An average school essay or college essay on any theme may be ready for 4 hours; what is more, the quality of writing is wonderful. The information about possible deadlines is in special form or, if you have some unusual suggestions you may contact our manager for details.

"I was worried about the prices for custom essay writing after searching several websites, but my friend showed me this one. I needed to write my paper immediately and there was an opportunity to buy really cheap essay thanks to the system of discounts" Janie Harmon, Santa Monica, CA, USA

Price Is Fair

Pay for Paper

Our company offers highly qualified service and cheap prices for writing essays at the same time. It is true that many websites demonstrate crazy prices for essay writing. Indeed, that is not an easy task to write a unique paper, however these costs are unfair. We per contra try to make the prices cheap and available for all social groups: pupils, students, academicians etc. It completely depends on the type of paper, quickness and certain difficulties which are negotiated with client.

Custom essay is a thing that everyone can afford now. In addition, has a friendly and pleasant system of discounts in case of, for example, inviting friends, frequent orderings of papers and so on.

Specific Features of Our Services

Plagiarism Checking

It is important to note that checks every paper for plagiarism. That writing service is really important as it influences the mark one may get for a paper and client's reputation as well. We use only modern programs to deal with this issue. Clients will not pay for plagiarized essay. If fully or partly plagiarized work is, nevertheless, received by customer, we will definitely give money back. There is also an extra option to get a Turnitin report with the completed order. This option costs extra, but it is worth this, since your text is not saved to Turnitin database; it is just for checking.


"Write my essay" company cares about customers and pays attention to their demands and suggestions. For it we have several ways to establish a contact: e-mail, private messages, phone number and so on. None of appeals will be left without reply. 24/7 support team works for users' comfort and easement. If some inaccuracies according to the paper quality occur, one may claim to the manager and after proving the writer's guiltiness, a customer can get a full refund or another original essay for free.

Custom Essay


It happens that writer did not understand the task well before writing and the finished paper is not for which client expected. Sometimes receiver discovers that essay has plagiarized elements. In such case, a person has a right to send a claim to company's office to get the money back. This is not a complicated process as our operators make advances for all one's needs. All reasons for refund should be explained and proved by facts in the letter. If it is really writer's failure we will send back everything to cent. estimate its reputation of a fair and reliable service more than paying attention to finances.

Specific Requests

Of course, we understand that sometimes clients have specific appeals. For example, keeping contact with writer during all process and receiving reports about condition of essay. In other event, person wants to order all essays to be written by the same author. We pay attention to such requests and satisfy them if it is possible. What is more, you do not have to pay more money in these cases. provides clients' friendly politics and tries to find unique approach to each person.

Why Choose Essay Grant to Assist You in Writing

Our Professional and Qualified Writers

All of our writers are professional when writing a piece for any of our clients. We have nothing but the best well educated writers in our employ they all have a Master’s Degree and have been writing for a long time, now weekend warriors here.

Our Great Reputation with Our Past Clients

We have provided great work for every one of our valued clients. They have great testimonials towards our writers, editors, proofreaders and support staff. We expect nothing but the best from our entire staff, and we pass that excellence on to our clients in the way of a great finished product.

Our Quick Turnover in Processing

We have one of the best turnover of projects in the business. From the time you place your order to the time we provide your piece can be anywhere between two to seven days. This is several days faster than most custom writing businesses.

We Treat Our Clients with Professionalism

All of our clients receive the same professionalism as the one before them. All clients are important to us and it is important they are treated in a professional manner no matter what the contracted project.