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Essay Grant is always at your service. We provide great service of writing papers to the specifications of you, the customer. No time to write? No need to worry as we are always here to help!

How It Works

  • 1. We Get the Requirements

    Filling in the order form you forward us your assignment and pay for it

  • 2. We Choose the Writer for You

    We analyze your instructions and select the best writer to meet your requirements

  • 3. Writer Completes the Task

    We get the completed task and check its originality and quality before sending to you

  • 3. You Look through the Paper

    You check the file and let us know if this is what you expected to get. Free corrections and adjustments are possible

  • 4. The Order Is Done

    You download the file and use it to succeed with your assignment

Write My Essay for Me: Main Benefits to Enjoy

Essay Grant Expertise is on Write my Essay requests

We have some of the best writers to write your essays and other writings. Our writers always provide engaging and original writings for our clients and are professional about time periods. We write anything from high school essays to current business standards approved cover letters and resumes. All your writing needs are covered with us throughout your life time. We also provide writing, proofreading and editing services to suit your needs. These services are always included in the total cost of your order.

Paper Writing: How it Works for Our Clients

It is simple. You fill in your order with our provided form. Give us all the information you need included in your work, and we do all the writing. When our writers are finished with your order you will have the opportunity to look over our work and request any changes your feel are needed. We make all the changes and ask you to look over your order once more. Once it is accepted by you, the client, you are finished with the process. See it is that simple! Please make sure though that all information is completed on the order form and that you have submitted payment for your order at the time you place the order. Making sure all the information is included from the beginning will help deter delays in your order because the writer needed clarification. If any further information is needed by our writers they will contact you to obtain this information. Another way to prevent delays in your piece is to make sure you respond to our writers’ emails as quickly as possible with the information they have requested. Our writers will do their best to keep their questions about what you need to a minimum; however there are times where they will need to request more information from you. Please be patient with them as they are only attempting to make your piece the best it can be.

Write My Essay for Me: Main Benefits to Enjoy

We write professional and inclusive essays and papers for all of our clients. We enjoy making sure that all of our clients have exactly what they want and need any time they use our services. What this means for you is that you have a great paper or essay to turn in on time every time. This means the grades you want for your class or the professional look you demand in a business setting. Is English not your first language, are you a foreign student and not sure how to build a paper or essay in English? No problem, we can assist you by writing your paper with your research and making it just what it needs to be. Our writers are professional and write complete papers with your research making sure they are properly cited with a great bibliography at the end.

We also provide great benefits for the busy business person as well. Cover letters, resumes, business reports and so much more are at your fingertips with Essay Grant. We select the best writer for the job you are ordering and make sure that they conduct business in a professional and timely manner. No time to write that business report while taking care of the family responsibilities? Have more than you can chew on your plate of business responsibilities, or are you just having issues knowing where to start in a long business report? No problem, simply fill out the order form and let us do all the work! Our writers are here to ensure your project is completed correctly and one time every time.

Our writers typically fill orders between 2000 and 5000 words and cost per project varies on the length of the project and type of project. All payments for the work we do are required in advance in order to secure your project. All orders are assigned to writers based on their knowledge of the subject matter and ability to complete great work for our clients. Our writers are great at what they do so our pricing may be a bit higher than other companies however this ensures that you are getting the best for what you paid for. Our quality control department reviews all work done to check for plagiarism issues and proper formatting you will never receive less than quality work. Our writers are here for you at any point in your piece. They will complete it to your specifications and expectations and possibly raise those expectations for future projects. Then when you think of who can write my essay for me you will know which company will meet your requirements.

Why Choose Essay Grant to Assist You in Writing

Our Professional and Qualified Writers

All of our writers are professional when writing a piece for any of our clients. We have nothing but the best well educated writers in our employ they all have a Master’s Degree and have been writing for a long time, now weekend warriors here.

Our Great Reputation with Our Past Clients

We have provided great work for every one of our valued clients. They have great testimonials towards our writers, editors, proofreaders and support staff. We expect nothing but the best from our entire staff, and we pass that excellence on to our clients in the way of a great finished product.

Our Quick Turnover in Processing

We have one of the best turnover of projects in the business. From the time you place your order to the time we provide your piece can be anywhere between two to seven days. This is several days faster than most custom writing businesses.

We Treat Our Clients with Professionalism

All of our clients receive the same professionalism as the one before them. All clients are important to us and it is important they are treated in a professional manner no matter what the contracted project.