An Essay on Reading: Writing Easily

It is difficult to write, if you do not know what to write about. However, it is sometimes even difficult to write an essay on reading, since you should determine, what is more, and what is less important. Here are some hints for you to make the process much easier.


How to Write an Essay on Reading Effectively?

Obviously, you need to have the well-developed writing and analyzing skill to write a valuable essay worth of the highest grade. Firstly, you need to analyze the reading, secondly you need to put the main points into a coherent well-written essay. Here are the pieces of advice that will help you to write an A+ essay on reading:

       1. Read More than Once

If you are reading for fun, this is okay for you to read and enjoy. If you are reading to write an essay on reading, you should think and analyze. In case something is not clear enough for you, do not hesitate to go back and read again, as this influences the quality of your essay directly.

       2. Make Notes

You may not feel like writing while reading, as this somehow distracts you from getting the point. Nevertheless, you will feel the true value of those notes when writing. You can not only take the quotes and put them directly into your essay text, but review the notes to remember some important details about the reading.

       3. Revise Your Essay Well

It is obvious, that an essay needs to be edited and reviewed before submission. However, it is necessary to look at your essay attentively due to plagiarism issue, which may appear. Every quote needs to be cited properly and every borrowed idea as well, even if it is indirect. Plagiarism can cause serious academic issues and this is definitely not what you want.


Some Points You Should Be Aware Of

There are also some minor things, which will make your essay better.

  • Use Outside Sources

Unless this is prohibited by your assignment instructions, use outside sources. For example, if you know other sources, which deal with the same issue, you may mention this in your essay, telling the source. However, remember the main source and do not concentrate your attention on something else.

  • Always Illustrate Your Opinion

If this is possible, support your thoughts with the links to text you have written. Those direct links will make your essay clearer and will help you to reach your aim better.


Types of Essays on Reading

If you need to write an essay on reading, it is necessary to see, what type of paper you actually need.

  • A Reading Response and an Opinion Essay

You should write an essay telling actually your opinion on the issue arisen by the reading assigned. It is necessary to support your opinion, but as this is not an argumentative essay, there is no need to attack the opposite opinion.

  • A Summary

Summary requires you to complete a short review of the reading. It does not allow much of your personal point of view, just specifying the main points of the reading. Your personal approach can be represented only by structuring of the text and of selection of the information included to your essay.


Assistance with an Essay on Reading

If you do not have time for reading the text required, do not try to write a summary of the summary… unless you are okay with C grade. The best decision for you will be to hire a professional writer for help. EssayGrant.Com gives a perfect opportunity for this.

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