Our proofreading service is different from editing. Proofreading is the process in which another person looks at your work and provides an objective opinion about not only the grammar and spelling but also about the content of the piece.

How Does It Work?

The process starts with you, the client. You submit your order form completely filled out about what your purpose is and any other questions to make sure that your work is properly evaluated. Then we assign your piece to one of our proofreaders for checking. They will go through your piece looking for content cohesion, grammar, and spelling. They will then return the piece to you with the changes listed and it is up to you to make those changes or not.

Why Someone Else Has to Proofread My Work

When someone writes, there is a phenomenon which happens to most writers. It is where you are thinking about something you want to write and end up missing that thought on paper. It helps to have another pair of eyes look over your piece to make sure it all makes sense.

Would I Have To Make The Changes Suggested?

No that is completely up to you as the writer of the piece. If the suggested changes do not make sense to you it is within your rights to not make the changes. However, we do ask that you at least contact us so that you can have a clear understanding of why the suggestions were made, before you choose to chuck them. This will help us to understand where we may need to pay a bit more attention to making notations clearer in the future.

Can I Have My Work Proofread Again After the Changes are Made?

By all means please have us check it out again. This may mean another order and new charge for your work but we want to make sure you are satisfied after you have made the changes suggested. The new work order may come into play depending on the time that has passed and whether the original order has expired. However, we are always happy to assist our clients.

Why Should I Use Your Service?

There are some benefits we would like to share with you in order to assure you in our reliability:

  • We proudly possess the best team of proficient writers ever presented in any company who are responsible for detecting and correcting mistakes in texts;
  • Even if you have fully edited the text on the presence of any possible grammar, lexical or spelling mistakes, there still are some nuances that are not so visible but play a significant role in understanding and successfully writing the text. Only the versed writers focusing on checking and proofreading content are able to detect such mistakes and prevent you from low grades;
  • Our experts work very fast and effective - few are able to do such a great work in the shortest period of time;
  • Our proficient writers do check every paper manually without using much of electronic devices. Why? The main idea is that computer spelling checker does not always see all the peculiarities of the language, unlike our writers who are fully competent in this sphere;
  • Any paper length can be checked in a timely manner. Naturally, depending on the complexity of your order, it can take longer time for its accomplishment but we work as quick as possible to bring you the best result that will please even the most scrupulous teacher!
  • Confidentiality. Every and each client who uploads their work to our service is to be assured in a complete security of their papers. There is no chance of your content to be violated. Nobody else will have an access to your work, only the proofreader responsible for it and the manager responsible for clients;
  • Another pair of eyes. Sometimes you just need another expert to look through your work, especially if it has more than 30 pages to make sure it sounds completely natural and does not contradict with your primary notion. That is when our proofreaders come to help;
  • Formatting standards are extremely important and for you to have no stress in reading and trying to figure out all its peculiarities we have a team of experts doing it perfectly and timely. If you have a special reference style you would like proofreaders to use as well, simply state it when placing an order and make sure we do our best to meet your expectations.

Kind of papers we carefully and meticulously proofread:

  • Essays;
  • Reports;
  • Theses;
  • Dissertations;
  • Research proposals;
  • Lab reports;
  • Reviews;
  • Personal statements;
  • Business papers;
  • Term papers;
  • Lots of more! Drop us a line to find out!

If you care about your paper being unfairly proofread by an expert, leave all your doubts behind as you have and deserve a chance to have a well-written paper without any mistakes and perfectly formatted. Lots of high institutions do not mind checked papers and many encourage their students to have it checked by a specialist for their own future proficiency.

We would like to help you as much as we can: with the combination of your ideas and drafts and our grammar and spelling proficiency your assignment will shine like a real diamond. Here is what you get: after having uploaded a completed work of yours our versed proofreaders thoroughly check any possible incorrectness in it and hand you the work proposing corrections with all commentaries on it. After you agree the corrections to be accepted you have only the paper with comments on tough moments.

In case you want your paper to be proofread in a specific subject or specialization, we can do this too! Call our support representative to check more details or simply press an "order" button to find out whether your subject is present in our list of offers.

We truly care about the originality of your paper and wish it to be perfectly correct, that is why we offer our help for the most affordable cost! Profit from our service and come back again as a permanent customer!

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