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Job satisfaction is an important point for the well-organized companies, since it influences on the quality of work the employee perform. There are a lot of techniques developed to contribute to job satisfaction. Here we will perform a general review of ideas to be included to a job satisfaction essay.


What Is Job Satisfaction?

The most general and actually proper answer will be: it is a situation, when a person likes his/her job. We can develop some long definitions, but the meaning will remain pretty much the same.


What Are the Causes of the Job Satisfaction?

Actually, job satisfaction has a lot of factors. It is necessary to keep all the factors under control, as the failure in one aspect can lead to the complete loss of job satisfaction.

       1. Salary

In order to be satisfied, a person should feel appreciated. One of the most important ways to express the appreciation is the good salary rate. In order to define the best satisfactory salary amount, a HR-manager should know the average salaries rate for the particular position, the minimum salaries rate, the time he employee is to work, his personal abilities and responsibilities etc. The higher is the salary – the better is the job satisfaction rate obviously.

       2. The Job Environment

It is also necessary for a person to feel comfortable while working. There should not be any threats to his health, a place should be appropriate according to some esthetical standards, the temperature of the air should be comfortable as well as there should be enough light and space in the workplace. Some of the minuses of the job environment can be compensated by raising the salary, but the conditions should better be as good as possible.

       3. The Team Work

There are some factors, which are too personal to be managed. To like his/her job a person should have good relationship with his colleagues. It may be defined by the employee`s personal peculiarities and being able to communicate with people effectively. However, the HR-manager should develop the team work and the team spirit within the employees.

       4. The Schedule

There should be a good balance between the working hours and the time for rest. A person needs to have some time for personal development or simply for a relaxation after having difficult time at work. Also, there should be a possibility for vacations for the employees to feel good about working on the company.

       5. Motivation and Perspective

If a person sees the perspectives of his career growth, this adds to motivation and job satisfaction.


Consequences of the Job Satisfaction

What is all that for? Well, if a person is satisfied with his job, there are two main consequences.

       1. The Person Does His/Her Job Well

The person, who is satisfied and who is in a good mood, does his/her best while working. This contributes to the company`s success as the quality of work performed is high. Furthermore, a person tries to do everything for the company`s improvements, as he understands, that the company`s improvement means his personal career development.

       2. The Person Helps to Create Better Conditions for Others

The person is interested in team co-operation and treats his co-workers well, what helps them to feel satisfied by their job as well.


Help with Job Satisfaction Essay Writing

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