Genetically Modified Food Essay: Two Sides of the Issue

Genetically modified food essay is a new and modern issue, as it appeared not long ago. Actually, there are two main points of view on this issue: one part of people thinks, that genetically modified food is okay, and the other considers it to be negative. Take one side to write a genetically modified food essay.


What Is Genetically Modified Food?

Before you start arguing about anything, make sure that you know everything required about it, so you have a well-supported personal opinion. It is definitely not enough just to know, that a genetically modified food include the products, which were created by people through genetic modifications.

  • You should find out the history of the issue
  • Learn some statistical data about the usage of genetically modified food in the world.
  • Also, learn about different approaches to the issue, and critically evaluate the arguments for both sides.

Only after having done all this, you may get a reasonable personal opinion to support.


Pro and Contra

All the views on genetically modified products can roughly be divided into positive and negative. Both sides have arguments, which are worth to be taken into account. Thus, whatever side you take, you will be able to include a reasonable argumentation.


Pro Side

If you are for the genetically modified food, you may benefit from the following arguments.

           1. Technological Development and the Development of Science Adjust the Nature to Our Needs

It is a normal thing, that the development of science makes our life easier. Not that much people argue about cars being a violation against the natural rules, thus why should we take the genetically modified food as something not normal?

           2. Improving the Products

It is a good idea to improve the food. We can make some products more or less sweet, we can make them better for nutrition, adding vitamins and minerals. Thus, the food becomes tastier and more useful at once! Can we imagine something better?

           3. No Economics Loses

Due to the genetic modifications farmers should not worry about the losses due to the diseases of plants. Also, they should not worry about pests. The plants being genetically modified, are resistant to all the threats, so the economic losses are minimalized.


Contra Side

Where there are people for some phenomena, which are trying to convince others in their side, there are always a contra side.

           1. No Social Value

Often it is said, that genetically modified food can help to resolve the issues of lack of food in overpopulated regions. The thing is, that genetic modifications get patented, so “hungry Africans” would not afford using these technologies.

          2. Environmental Risks

A nature is a system. Thus, the genetically modified plants are strange for the natural system and may break the connections between species. This may cause the extinction of some species and significant environmental damage.

           3. Health Risks

Yes, we can say that there are no noticeable bad results of consuming of the genetically modified food. However, time has not passed yet. There are already some warnings about the allergic reactions, but in future we will see how the human body reacts to the unnatural elements. Such products may have the long-term effect.


Help with the Genetically Modified Food Essay

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