Persuasive Writing on School Uniforms: Express and Support Your Opinion

There is a number of sociological issues that are being discussed nowadays. If you need to do persuasive writing on school uniforms, you will deal with one of issues of that kind. Here are some hints for you to write a better text on school uniforms.


Persuasive Writing on School Uniforms: Two Sides of the Issue

In order to be appropriate for persuasive writing, a topic needs to be controversial. Let`s review the school uniform issue. There is a number of people, who think, that school uniforms are necessary. The other part thinks, that students should feel free to choose their clothing, also telling, that school uniforms have more minuses than plusses. You are free to take any side, but you should be certain in your selection.


How to Convince, that School Uniforms Are Needed?

If you think, that school uniforms introducing has a positive effect in educational institutes, you should devote your persuasive writing on school uniforms to supporting of this side. Here are the arguments, which may be used for a more convincing text:

  • School Uniforms Make Schools Safer

When all the students look the same, it is easier to notice a stranger. Also, a lot of school criminals can hide weapons and drugs due to the baggy clothes, and school uniform removes such an opportunity. It is possible to search for some statistical data on the crime rate in schools before and after introducing of school uniform in educational process.

  • School Uniforms Help to Set Proper Priorities

Teenagers tend to think about clothing a lot. However, when they go to school, they need to be concentrated on educational aims. Taking off the choice of clothing and possibility to show off at school helps them to understand the actual purpose of education better.

  • School Uniform Contributes to the Community Spirit

If a certain group of students wear uniform with the same decals, this make them feel like they are playing on the same side. Also, uniforms help students to be proud of their schools and motivates them for better results.


How to Persuade Your Audience in School Uniforms Being Unnecessary?

There are also some good arguments for an opposite opinion.

  • Restriction of Freedom

Students need to have freedom of choice for clothing, as this helps them to develop their personalities and express their being unique. So, school uniforms violate the person`s right to express himself/herself. Sometimes students express their opinion about a certain social issue through clothing and this will be prohibited as a result of school uniforms.

  • Economic Issues

If education is free of charge, why parents are to buy a few sets of school uniforms then? Therefore, in low-income families students can even miss classes due to their parents having not enough money for buying the required clothes.

  • Highlighting the Differences

The idea of school uniforms is to make students look the same. However, a lot of students wearing school uniforms feel embarrassed, as any obliquity in their appearance is better noticed. Indeed, an overweight girl will feel worse, seeing the thin girl in the same clothes and comparing.


Some More Useful Information about Persuasive Writing on School Uniforms

There are a lot of more arguments, which can be found for or against school uniforms. Also, you should better include some facts to make your opinion stronger. Our writer can help you with any aspects of persuasive writing on any topic, so just contact us in case you need help.

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