What Should You Write about in an Essay about Overpopulation?

Overpopulation is a social issue that is faced by some countries. It influences the conditions of life significantly, so there should be some ways to regulate it. Also, it is possible to look at this issue globally, and think what will happen in case of global overpopulation. You can include this to your essay about overpopulation.


Overpopulation as a Phenomenon

There is always two sides that can be reviewed talking about a certain phenomenon: causes and effects. This approach is especially fruitful for the socio-economic issues, as it is possible to talk about the ways to resolve the situation that is taking place.

       1. Causes of Overpopulation

To start with, only a certain part of countries experiences this issue. Therefore, it is easier for us to determine the reasons for overpopulation, as we just need to compare the countries with overpopulation and the ones with underpopulation or normal demographic situation.

  • Economic Causes

There is a set of economic conditions in which overpopulation appear. Mostly, this problem is experienced by countries, who has a poor economic situation (so-called countries of the third world). As the families need working hands to support their living, they have a lot of children. This is also connected with the child labor issue.

  • Educational Causes

The low quality education causes the practical absence of the family planning. Furthermore, people are not quite aware of what causes the overpopulation may have and they do not think of the way they are going to support their families having a lot of children. Such people do not have access to information about contraception methods and other means of birth control.

  • Cultural Causes

Some cultures refuse the possibility of birth control, as this is considered to be immoral due to their norms. No wonder, that such countries face overpopulation.


       2. Consequences of Overpopulation

Finally, based on the causes mentioned, countries face issues in different spheres as a result.

  • Lack of Food

Certain territories are that much overcrowded, so their inhabitants experience the lack of food. It is quite difficult to support the overpopulated areas with the sufficient amount of products.

  • Lack of Air

People need fresh air for a normal living. However, the air in overcrowded areas are not of the decent quality, and this is an important problem.

  • Environmental Pollution

The more people live on the certain territory – the more polluted it becomes. Pollution in overpopulated regions is observed on practically all levels.

  • Social Problems

When there is lack of food and means for living, wars and conflicts begin. This may be somehow connected with the fact, that people facing a constant overcrowding, experience physical and mental issues.


       3. Ways to Fight with Overpopulation

It is necessary to search for good solution in order for the issue not to spread.

  • Law Regulations

There should be a state birth control in such regions. The appropriate laws need to be approved to limit the number of children in families.

  • Better Education

An especial attention should be given to proper education and sex education in particular. The population of the actual overpopulated territories should be aware (and have possibilities) for the modern birth control and contraception means.


More Suggestions

Obviously, the points indicated above does not cover the full range of causes, effects, and solutions. If you need more information or you need an expert to explain some of the issues raised in this text, contact Essayforme.org any time and get assisted with an essay about overpopulation professionally.

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